100% Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee grows on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the Kona Districts of Hawaii, well-known worldwide for the Ironman Triathlon Word Championship . Due to it’s unique and rich taste, it quickly became one of the most famous gourmet coffees.

When shopping for Kona Coffee, you have to pay attention to the label, since the Kona beans are pretty rare and expensive, some Coffees are sold as “Kona Blend”. These Kona Blends often only contain 10% Kona beans and 90% import beans from other countries like Brazil or Columbia. This doesn’t necessarily mean it tastes bad, but it is inferior to the original and has a completely different taste. Any gourmet would instantly taste the difference, something you should keep in mind if you want to buy Kona Coffee as a gift for the family, friends or business partners.

If you want to buy coffee that only contains Kona beans, make sure the label reads “100% Kona Coffee” according to the Hawaii labeling laws. There are different types and grades, depending on the quality of the beans, as you can see in this chart. Only Type I and Type II beans can be labled as Kona Coffee. In addition, buying the organic version ensures that it’s healthy coffee at it’s best without any traces of chemicals that may cause allergic reactions for some very sensitive people. Going green and organic is a steady trend and like any organic food, organic Kona beans are your finest choice.

A good source to buy authentic 100% Kona beans coffee is Koa Coffee. They are a plantation owner from Captian Cook, offer a huge variety, attractive gift packages and nice specials with discounts. High quality at reasonable prices, if you are looking for the perfect gourmet coffee beans, make sure to give them a try.

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What is special about organic Kona Coffee?

Organic gourmet coffee, including organic Kona is grown according to the organic farming standards and techniques, so you can be sure to buy an environmentally responsible and healthy product. It is produced without the use of any artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, the only disadvantage is the higher price.

Organic plantations have a smaller crop than regular ones, so competing with the prices of huge agro-industrial plantations is pretty much impossible to them. Many plantations, especially from southern america, have gone back to regular production due to the very fierce competition.

Do not mix up organic with Fair Trade. Coffee producers that have plantations in mostly third world countries and pay local farmers a fair price often use this label. It refers to or at least should refer to socially responsible products. There is also some criticism about this label and it’s usage for advertising as described on Wikipedia.

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What is a Kona Coffee Company?

The term Kona Coffee Company is used for producers of Kona coffee. One company can have different plantations, this ranges from small producers with just one plantation to larger ones with dozens.

Most classic Kona Coffee Companies offer the popular pure 100% Kona coffee and no cheap mixtures with cheaper coffees that are called blends. There is a huge variety of websites where these companies offer their coffee, some even publish their offers and Amazon while others rely on direct sales via their own website. Again: Always be careful if the price sounds too good to be true, some of the so called Kona Blends only contain as little as 10-20% real Kona Coffee and have nothing in common with the taste of real Kona.

While blends are sometimes a bit sour and aggressive , the one and only 100% Kona Coffee tastes very creamy and smooth, well balanced. A bright taste, medium to full body depending on how it is roasted, but not sharp or obstrusive. In one word: awesome! It’s hard to describe, but if you tasted it once, you can easily distinguish it from other coffees, even if you aren’t an expert.

One of the most popular ones offering great quality is Koa Coffee.

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Can I buy Gourmet Coffee online?

Buying coffee via the internet is a great way to expand your coffee tastes. Of course, you could just run to the grocery store and get the same stuff you’ve been drinking. But, if you buy online you give yourself the opportunity to expand your horizons and try some new stuff.

Whole bean coffee maintains its freshness more so than ground coffee. Once coffee is ground, its quality of taste leaves within a few days. Even vacuum sealed coffee bags can’t really preserve ground coffee. The only way to have real fresh ground coffee is to buy it from a roaster directly. Maybe you don’t have a roaster in your town or if you do, you don’t like their blends. Well, the internet can help you find roasters throughout the country. You might see a blend that catches your eye, and you might really want to try it. You can have it shipped to your home and it should still be good and fresh. Some companies also make their own blends for single-cup coffee makers, like Keurig. So you have the option of ordering coffee in a pod, too.

Many people will want to get whole beans, though, and this is probably best. Shipping times can very, and by buying beans you know you are getting fresh coffee. Using the internet for this purchase will let you expand your horizons. You can look online for coffee vendors who specialize in different blends or coffee imported from different regions. Yu can also get gourmet coffee. Depending on where you live, gourmet coffee might be hard to find. For example, coffees like Koa Kona Coffee are only sold in certain areas. You may not have a coffee specialty store nearby and even they may not have a wide gourmet selection. The internet can be like a huge coffee store where you have access to any brand or flavor.

Next time you want coffee, you should strongly consider trying something new. There is no better way to look for new and exclusive gourmet coffees to try than to look online. You will find many retailers who have many different approaches. Luckily, you can order coffee from any of these vendors. You can also ensure that the vendors you choose use sustainable practices. This may be very important to you as a consumer if you are concerned with the environment. You can also be sure to only buy fair trade coffee, which is an important quality to some people. If you find a company online that you think looks good, be sure to order some of their coffee online.

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How to keep Gourmet Coffee fresh and preserve the full taste?

If you like premium coffee brands like Kona Coffee, especially, you might find that your spending on coffee is quite high. This is fine, but you want to be sure to preserve your coffee. Let’s explore some of the myths and facts about preserving coffee and flavor. Keep in mind the goal for coffee drinkers is to experience fresh flavor. You should realize that if your coffee is already ground, it has lost a lot of its freshness. Nothing is fresher than coffee that has just been grinded from whole beans. If you buy whole bean coffee, do not grind any that you do not plan to consume within 48 hours.

Myth #1- Freezer:
Putting coffee in the freezer to maintain freshness is not a complete myth. In fact, it may be one of your best options if you bought coffee at some sort of wholesale discount. For ground coffee, the freezer will not provide any extra benefits than just putting it on your counter. But for whole coffee, it can be worth it. It just is not as effective as the method below. If there is one “Don’t” about coffee and the freezer, it’s the advice that you should not take coffee in and out of the freezer. Once you pull some out of your freezer, never put it back in. It will have suffered from moisture damage.

Myth #2- Refrigerator:
There is almost no benefit to putting coffee in the refrigerator. The temperature of the average kitchen will not damage coffee enough to seek the fridge. There just really aren’t any benefits here.

Fact #1 (and the only one):
To store coffee for freshness, use an airtight container and keep it away from light. So, put it in a pantry or cupboard. This will keep the coffee from being exposed to air, light or moisture, the elements that are most likely to kill flavor. This will keep your coffee fresh for about two weeks, and if you aren’t that picky it will work for even longer. If you do have to keep some in the freezer, get it in an airtight container immediately after.

Remember, grind beans when you plan to use them, this is the time when coffee is freshest. Do not be fooled by and form of ground coffee that claims to be really fresh. This just is not possible. The only fresh ground coffee is the kind that comes from a local store that sells it the same day it grinds. If you aren’t buying your ground coffee from here, you aren’t getting fresh ground coffee. If you do have some, store it just like whole bean coffee, in an airtight container.

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Is Kona Coffee available for capsule machines?

Although real bean and full taste gourmet coffee lovers don’t necessarily prefer capsule machines like Nespresso, the Hawaii Special Kona Reserve which became available in small numbers at the end of last year and is out of stock in most places already, tastes really good. Certainly not the best Kona Coffee we tasted so far, but authentic, pretty surprising for “just” a capsule machine. You can still get this limited edition at the Nespresso flagship boutiques in Miami, New York or Boston if you are lucky. On the internet, including big sites like Amazon, they seem to be sold out completely.


While this is certainly part of a clever marketing strategy, it shows that the one and only Kona Coffee from Hawaii is more and more establishing as one of the top coffee brands worldwide and US coffee doesn’t have to hide behind the huge competitors from southern America. So, a big thanks to Nespresso for making our wonderful coffee a little more popular for sure!

Which Kona Coffee brands are trustworthy and popular?

The best one is Koa Coffee in out opinion, also mentioned as best coffee in the Forbes “50 of America’s Best” list. Other recommended brands include but are not limited to: Hawaiian Isles, Huladaddy, Langenstein Farms, Kona Mountain Coffee, Royal Kona, Mountain Thunder, Heavenly Hawaiian, Kona Joe, Fike Farms and Lion Coffee. They all offer 100%/pure Kona.